Vinyl has become a very popular option for Add A Link Fence’s residential and commercial customers over the past 10 years. Vinyl has become popular because it is an attractive, low maintenance and weather resistant option for any fence project. Add A Link Fence offers vinyl fencing in many colors including: white, tan, grey, sand and brown. We can even mix and match colors to create a 2-tone effect. Add A Link Fence also offers vinyl fencing in many different styles and shapes including: privacy, semi privacy, picket and ranch.

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What are Vinyl Fences made from?
Vinyl fences are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Manufacturers mix PVC resin with ultraviolet inhibitors, toners and stabilizers to form vinyl fence panels that are malleable and can be extruded or cast into shapes. When the material cures, it becomes rigid and resilient. The process allows vinyl fencing to be made in many styles and sizes with fence caps and decorative tops.

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What Vinyl Fence styles are available?
Add A Link fence offers many styles of vinyl fencing today to fit any need.

    • Privacy vinyl fences are completely solid or are solid on the bottom and can have lattice or pickets on the top. Privacy vinyl fencing offers complete privacy up to 6 feet high for any yard. This type of Vinyl fence meets pool code standards.
    • Semi-privacy vinyl fences typically have small spaces between the boards that make up the fence. The boards can be placed next to each other, on top of the other or in a wave pattern. They can also have lattice or pickets on the top as an added ornamental feature.
    • Picket vinyl fences are just that, picket fencing made from PVC material. They come in various shapes and styles and work well to define areas that don’t require privacy.
    • Ranch-rail vinyl fences are typically made from flat or square horizontal rails inserted into posts. They are an excellent choice to fence in large areas.
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Gates for Vinyl Fences

        come in all shapes, styles and sizes. Vinyl gates can be screwed or PVC welded together for maximum strength. Vinyl gate styles include:

      • Straight top designs which match the fencing.
      • Decorative arched top designs which rise above the fence height to accent the gate area.
      • Special size openings to fit between existing columns or non-standard opening requirements.
      • Estate gates with double gate or rolling gate design.
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