Wood Fences

Wood fences are a perennial favorite because they provide a natural, long lasting and low maintenance addition to any landscape or yard. Wood fencing is used to create an attractive ornamental border around a property, hide property from view, or to provide security, especially for around swimming pools.

Wood Fence Style Guide

What are wood fences made from?
Add-A-Link Fence offers wood fences made from various species, including:

Spruce – Spruce fences are typically white and can also be referred to as whitewood or hardwood. Spruce fences are available in any style and size. They are an affordable, and relatively durable option for any fence project. When well cared for–including sealing and resealing the wood to protect it from the elements, spruce fences can last between 7-15 years. Spruce fences are typically whitish in color and darken over the years to a rustic gray color.

Cedar – Cedar fences are made from white cedar or red cedar. Cedar fences are available in any style and size. Cedar wood contains natural oils that make it insect- and decay-resistant. Cedar fences are less likely to warp or crack in comparison to other types of wood. Cedar is a low-maintenance option for fencing and can be left in its natural state without staining. However, cedar can be stained, painted, or sealed with a clear sealant to extend its life and protect it against the elements. The lifespan of a cedar fence can range from 15 to 20 years and up. As it ages, cedar turns a shade of silvery gray.

Pressure-Treated Pine – Pressure-treated fences are made from yellow pine species or mixed pine species. Pressure-treated fences are infused under pressure with a water-based solution of micronized copper azole. After treatment, the wood has a greenish/yellow coloring, which fades to grayish over time. Pressure-treated fences are low maintenance and can resist decay and insect damage for 15-20 years.

What wood fence styles are available?
Add-A-Link Fence fabricates and installs wood fencing in numerous styles and sizes. Specifically, we offer the following wood fence styles:

  • Farm Fence
  • Solid Wood Fence (Spruce, Cedar and Pressure Treated)
  • Shaped Solid Wood Fence (Spruce, Cedar and Pressure Treated)
  • Board on Board or Shadow Board Wood Fence (Spruce, Cedar and Pressure Treated)
  • Spaced Picket Wood Fence (Spruce, Cedar and Pressure Treated)
  • Wood Stockade Fence (Spruce, Cedar and Pressure Treated)
  • Post & Rail Wood Fence (Spruce, Cedar and Pressure Treated)
  • Tongue & Groove Wood Fence (Cedar only)
  • Victorian Picket Wood Fence (Cedar only)
  • Lattice Wood Fence (Cedar only)
  • Wood Arbors and Pergolas (Cedar only)

Gates for wood fences can be fashioned out of any style. Add-A-Link fabricates gates with a custom diamond support structure offering strength and stability for the fences only moving part. Wood gate designs include:


    • Straight top design matches the fencing
    • Decorative arched top design rising above the fence height to accent the gate area
    • Special size openings to fit between existing columns or non-standard opening requirements
    • Double gates for larger openings
    • Wood gates on metal frames for commercial applications