Aluminum Fence

Aluminum fences are a popular option for most applications because they offer the style and security of traditional wrought iron fencing without maintenance concerns. Aluminum fences also offer an excellent strength-to-weight ratio (better than steel) and weather resistance extending the life of the product to decades.

Aluminum Fence Style Guide

What are aluminum fences made from?

Aluminum fences are made from alloys giving them significantly higher weight to strength ratios than traditional steel fences. All aluminum fence components are typically powder coated to resist corrosion and fading. Many aluminum fence systems include screw-less designs to increase strength and durability. Many aluminum fence manufacturers are so confident in the craftsmanship of their products that they offer lifetime warrantees.

What aluminum fence styles are available?

Add-A-Link Fence offers a wide variety of aluminum fence styles, heights, colors and strengths. From residential to industrial and from ornamental to pool code we have the aluminum fence style to meet your needs. Color choices include; black, white, bronze, brown and green. Specifically, we offer the following aluminum fence styles:

Exposed Picket Designs: This no-top rail design offers a classic wrought iron look.

  • Aligned pickets
  • Staggered pickets
  • Aligned pickets with finials
  • Loops and open pickets
  • Aligned pickets with flush bottom rail
  • Aligned pickets with finials and flush bottom rail

Covered Picket Designs: This flat top rail design makes this an ideal choice for pool enclosures.

  • Aligned pickets
  • Staggered pickets
  • Staggered pickets with finials
  • Aligned pickets with flush bottom rail
  • Staggered pickets with flush bottom rail
  • Two rail design

Special Design: This narrow picket design is perfect for keeping pets in the yard. They also make it difficult to for kids to obtain a foothold in the fence.

  • Aligned pickets with top rail
  • Staggered pickets with top rail
  • Aligned pickets
  • Pickets with top rail and combination picket spacing

Gate Designs: All aluminum fence styles can be made into gates. Aluminum gates are typically welded for maximum strength.

  • Straight top design matches the fencing
  • Decorative arched top design rising above the fence height to accent the gate area
  • Special size openings to fit between existing columns or non-standard opening requirements
  • Estate gates with double gate or rolling gate design

Common uses for Aluminum Fence

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For Business

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